Amicus brief filed for Noah Kleinman

Amicus brief filed for Noah Kleinman – by FIJA. The Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) is a non-profit, nonpartisan, educational organization headquartered in Helena, Montana. Focusing on issues involving the role of the jury in our justice system, FIJA seeks to preserve the full function of the jury as the final arbiter in our courts […]

The Criminal System is Destroying Lives: Raza Lawrence

The Marijuana Times Presents; Justice. An inside look at the War on Drugs. Episode 2: Raza Lawrence, Harvard Law, LA’s Dopest Attorney, discusses how he started practicing Criminal Defense Law as well as his feelings on the War on Drugs. Next Episode: Mandatory Minimum Sentences.


“Need To Know” seminar

Margolin and Lawrence present “Need to Know” seminar series. Seminar will cover new changes in medical marijuana law – AB 266. Place – Real Office Centers, 604 Arizona, Santa Monica, 90401. Time – Sept 30th, 6pm. Tickets available – buy tickets. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

127 Pounds of Marijuana Results in Probation with No Jail Time

Nebraska— Our client was allegedly in a vehicle containing 127 pounds of marijuana. Our client was charged with several felony charges in state court including possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. With our help, he was only convicted of simple drug possession charge with the sales-related charges dismissed and ultimately sentenced to probation with no jail time.


Case Dismissed on Potential Sex Offense Case

People v. I.N.C (2013 – Glendale, East LA) Client was arrested for lewd conduct on two occasions, with potential for sex offender registration, and assault in another. Client has had long standing mental health issues and defense counsel declared a doubt as to his mental competency.  The three cases were suspended while he was evaluated […]


Client Receives Misdemeanor After Police Find 18 Pounds of Marijuana in Car

People v. K (2011) In Fresno, CA, Client was pulled over by police officers. Upon searching the vehicle police officers found 18 pounds of marijuana. Client was released on bail. While on bail, the Fresno District Attorney’s Office was alerted to his arrest in Northern California for trafficking marijuana. Intervention by Margolin Lawrence led to […]


Court Suppress Evidence, Finding That Dispensary Was Lawfully Operating

People v. L.C.  Officers of the Los Angeles Police Department raided a local Van Nuys dispensary for possessing marijuana for sale. Upon searching the dispensary, firearms were located along with marijuana. The District Attorney’s office prosecuted Client for possession of marijuana for sale. Attorneys for Margolin and Lawrence brought a motion to suppress in Van […]