Attorney Resources

Our firm is dedicated not only to aiding our clients, but the legal profession as a whole. Our law firm is an MCLE verified provider. (For the non-attorneys, this means that we have been approved by the California Bar Association to provide lectures for the continuing education of other attorneys.) We draw on our years of experience as defense attorneys to cover such topics as:

  • Legal Ethics
    • Professional Responsibility in Advertising
    • Ethical Considerations in Plea Bargaining
    • Duty of Loyalty to Clients
    • Ethics of Charging and Collecting Fees: Retainer Agreements, Payment Plans, and Payment Disputes
  • Elimination of Bias (with a focus on marijuana use, defense, and practice)
  • Substance Abuse Among Attorneys
  • Winning Criminal Trials
  • Medical Marijuana Defense

We are happy to provide these lectures to individuals, small groups, or whole firms and organizations. Please contact us for more information.

As an introductory price, a video of our California-Approved Medical Marijuana lecture is available for purchase through the PayPal link below for $4.20. We encourage both attorneys and medical marijuana patient interested in learning about how these cases are litigated to view the video.

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