Granada Hills Dispensary Plea To Misdemeanor; No Jail Time

(People v. M.M. (2012): San Fernando)

Margolin and Lawrence successfully negotiated a plea agreement on the eve of trial. This case has been active since 2009 and Margolin and Lawrence were only retained in January 2012. Within weeks, our firm filed numerous motions to suppress, quash, and traverse the search warrant as well as various of motions in limine to challenge the admission of evidence. Eventually, Margolin and Lawrence negotiated a plea agrement where the client would plead to a felony but not be sentenced for 18 months. At the 18 month mark, the judgment would be entered but then automatically be reduced to a misdemeanor and expunged from her record. In effect, she will have no felony conviction on her record for 18 months and will have an expunged misdemeanor.

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