Hung Jury Leads to Traffic Ticket in DUI Case

People v. S.L. (2009) Attorney Allison B. Margolin was hired as trial counsel in a DMV case where the client’s vehicle was found driverless after hitting two vehicles. Client was found shirtless and with a BAC of 0.19. Counsel had argued that because client was not observed actually driving the vehicle, she could not have […]


DMV Refusal Hearing Win

DMV v. Client (2012) California is an implied-consent state where every driver, by receiving a driver’s license, consents to make themselves available to a chemical test when they are driving under the influence. The penalties for refusing a chemical test, eiher breath, urine, or blood, are heavy – 1 year suspended license for the first […]

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Dry and Reckless for .08 BAC

(People v. J.T. (2012): LAX) What began as a random and routine traffic stop turned into a full-blown DUI stop leading to our client’s arrest. In the beginning the City Attorney’s Office, who deals with misdemeanor DUI cases in Los Angeles County, refused to give anything but a DUI. Our office shed light on the […]



(People v. A. (2008): Bellflower, CA) – Acquittal at jury trial of DUI case where defendant refused blood alcohol test and allegedly told police he would not do it because of his prior DUI.


Drug Crimes

Whether you are currently under investigation for a drug crime or have already been arrested, it is important to retain a skilled attorney for an adequate representation. California has some of the strictest narcotic laws in the nation, and the police and prosecutors involved in your case are not going to let you off easy. […]